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BoobandBaby Shop Review

If you know me and know my love for all things breastfeeding, you know that I love showing my pride, hard work and dedication. Even though I am prideful, my cool collection of breastfeeding related support products was lacking some items, thankfully boobandbaby had my back and had some awesome products in their store. 

When I got my package in the mail I riped it open to a comfy looking grey shirt that said “milk mama” with a matching tote bag. I threw the shirt in the wash (I always wash knew clothes) hung to dry (definitely not needed but I like to do this to keep my clothes lasting longer) and threw it on. I got a ton of compliments on it because of the words on the shirt but seriously, the comfort of the shirt was out of this world. I have this weird obsession that i cant have a shirt collar touch my neck, i cut the necks out of nearly ALL my shirts, so the fact that it was a V neck made it 100x times mord comfortable. The material was soft and it had the broken feel that you wash and wear for months to get that sometimes felt impossible to achieve. 

The tote bag, is a bag that wears many hats. This bag can be used it so many different ways. For example, a bag to hold your pumping parts and supplies. Another example, a beach bag, perfect to toss your sunscreen and towel in. Another use, a diaper bag, its a perfect size to hold all the essentials. The bag has perfect length straps so its a great shoulder bag but can also be held like a purse. I also liked the material, it washed easy and since its white and I have messy kids (okay me, I am messy too) thats a great bonus. The store also have alot of other great things to offer like natural nipple butter.

This shop is definitely a favorite in my books, you will not want to miss checking them out.They have a vareity of great breastfeeding related items, prices are affordable and shipping is speedy, what more could you ask for?

Contact information-


    Product Review: Burp Nesessity

    Recently I had the extreme pleasure of trying out a genius product, a nursing shawl, from burp necessity, that I literally cant stop raving about. I am a sucker for new baby products, it’s true, I love a unique idea made into something brilliant. Naturally, when I heard about this product, I was eager to try it. So now that I know you are curious about it too, let me tell you a little about it.

    The burp necessity , burp/nursing shawl is a mom made product that serves many purposes. Below is a list of them:

    1. A nursing cover for your privacy if you choose, great for out and about as is is lightweight and can be folded up to fit into your diaper bag or purse
    2. A burp cloth that not only can be used on the front of you but more importantly on the back so you can avoid those classic baby spit up down the back moments
    3. A blanket, this was one of our favorite ways to use it as after he finishes nursing I wrap it around him and bam! A perfect blanky.
    4. A lovey, another use of choice for us. I had searched high and low for something he really loved but when we got this  (to use for nursing) it was a match.

    My son, really has enjoyed it from the moment we received it in the mail. He has it with him often. The material is super soft so it’s perfect for delicate, sensitive baby skin. The shape is what makes it so unique and different from the otother products like it out there, it’s shaped to go around your shoulders so that it can be worn back or front. It’s lightweight and versatile and can be easily stored for travel whether it’s to the beach or to the grocery store.
    Reasons why you NEED this

    1. It comes in every pattern and color imaginable so there is something for everyone, you like floral: got it, you like solids: got it, you like lace: got. There is literally something to fit everyone’s taste.
    2. It’s great for every mom with a baby whether you are nursing, bottle feeding or if your baby is on solids already and no longer does either. Since it can be used in so many different ways, it’s a fit for every momma and little one.
    3. You can take it anywhere, it will fit an average size purse, any diaper bag and even diaper clutches, this is truly a diaper bag must have!
    4. It’s lightweight when needed with a  cotton side but also has a milky like material side so it’s  so it’s great hotter days when you need something light weight and can be warmer for when it’s cold out.
    5. It’s affordable, compared to some blankets on the market and since it’s really an all in one product (burp cloth, nursing shawl and blanket) it eliminates the need for multiple products.

    Head on over to the shipping is super fast, as it’s made in the USA (Seattle to be exact!) so go place your order and try it out for yourself.

    You can also check them out on instagram and Facebook @burpnecessity

    This is one product you Will NOT regret owning!


    Why I am celebrating World Breastfeeding Week

    Everytime i post a picture, share a link or make a comment or status about world breastfeeding week, I am postive that somewhere, someone reading what I have posted is giving me some type of shade from the other side of the screen. You know what? That’s fine. I’m fine with your difference of opinion or your lack of interest as a respectful human being. I understand that you don’t get why this is important but let me lay it out for you so that maybe you can atleast try. 

    3 reasons why WBW is important

    1. One day this may be your loved one. This could be your daughter, daughter in law, neice, cousin, sister or friend that is passionate about something, something that matters like feeding her baby. Support her! You don’t have to care but be respectful of her choice to care.

    2. It matters for future generations. Why you ask? When you breastfeed in front of children, it shouldn’t be sexual or gross, it’s about feeding the baby, that and that alone. Don’t make it into something more than it has to be, it’s normal and if children see that than we can get the foundation to keep it that way for our children and our children’s children and so on.

    3. With all of the filthy political drama, the constant terrorist acts happening and the daily reports of criminal activity isn’t it nice to see something beautiful celebrated and fill your Facebook timeline versus the bad happening in the world? All of those things make my stomach sick to read, but the moment I see a sweet baby’s smile or a newly engaged couple posting thier announcement, my heart feels a little better and for one moment I can forget the negative. So if the postive is woman embracing something that means something to them and thier families, by all means just embrace it, embrace the good and the smile worthy.

    So no, unlike your passion aggressive status about how you don’t like my posts or pictures, it’s not for attention for anything other than an important cause. It’s not about exposing my breasts because let’s be honest, I don’t want or care if you see them. It’s about my baby, simply feeding my baby. It’s about standing up for my right to feed my baby, anytime and anywhere as the law protects me to do without being harrassed. In case you weren’t aware, women are getting harassed all over this country because small minded people can’t just let people be and mind thier own business.

    So when you see a post about world breastfeeding week, if you don’t like it, scroll on, I am not offended by this. If you want to support the cause, simply like my post or picture because it does matter; it matters to me and it matters to every breastfeeding mother when you realize or not.

    For those that do support and understand my love and dedication, thank you. I appreciate your kindness and respect, I appreciate not being judged for doing something natural and our importance to my family and most importantly for my child.

    Happy breastfeeding week ♡


    Breastfeeding and body trauma part 1

    A little over a year ago, I felt like the luckiest woman on earth; I was a second time mother to a beautiful baby boy and had a sweet 3 and a half year old daughter. My marriage was great and I was coming up on my wedding anniversary. I thought that there was no way that things could possibly be any better than this but a thought that never crossed my mind, things being worse.

    It was June 4th and I was in a terrible amount of pain. I honestly thought I was having a heart attack. After 3 hours of laying on the floor crying my husband finally took me to the ER. When we arrived, I sat in the car and debating going in. I felt better and figured it was nothing and would be fine. As we drove away, in my wildest thoughts would I ever imagine what would transpire in the coming days.

    Fast forward 3 days, I am literally green, my color looks lifeless and I can barely move from bed. I haven’t eaten in 3 days and vomiting pretty frequently. I know that deep down something is incredibly wrong but everytime i looked over at the sweet little baby beside me, I stopped myself from going to get medical attention. Fear struck me, was I going to die? Will this affect my breastfeeding journey? Is this contagious? Will I need surgery? Will I have to be away from my children? The uncertainty and fear kept me bedside growing sicker as the minutes passed.

    At 4 p.m. I could take it no longer. I loaded my one month old baby to date and drove us to urgent care. After seeing the doctor, she confirmed my fears that this was more than likely gallbladder related. She was calm and comforting in a very frightening moment for me but when she sent me for further testing at across the street at the nearby hospital. At this point, I called my husband to tell him where I was, he was at the pool with our daughter. By the time I got called back to register in the ER and was put in a room my husband had arrived. He sat with my son as they took me back to have an ultrasound done.

    As I laid on the table, watching the screen as the ultrasound technician ran the instrument up and down my right side, I knew that my breastfeeding journey was at risk. I could see the imminent look at dismay on her face and when I looked back at the screen I could see why. My gallbladder was filled with many little tiny stones, more than I could even count. Infection and sludge surrounded every inch of it. When I returned to the room where my son and husband awaited, the tears poured from my eyes. When the ER doctor returned and told me I would be staying in the hospital for the night and possibly having emergency surgery, they continued to pour. My anxiety shot through the roof as I was wheeled to another floor to a room. I requested a rollaway crib for my son and they granted my request. If I had to stay in the hospital, my newborn was staying with me. It was hard imagining spending anymore time away from my daughter as I had just spent a few nights away from a month prior when her brother was born. 

    A few hours later, a nurse came in to tell me that it was against hospital policy for my baby to stay with me. I threatened leaving and they said they would make some calls and see what could be done. When they returned, I was given the best news I could have received in a troubling time, he could stay with me. I couldn’t hold him unassisted, and couldn’t feed him per orders from hospital  (i was on morphine) but he was there and I needed him just as much as he needed me, if not more.

    Another hour had passed without knowing what was going or what would happen. Finally, a doctor specializing in matters of the gallbladder, came in to inform me that based on my blood work, urine test and ultrasound; my gallbladder was to infected to immediately remove without taking the chance of damaging the surrounding organs and other measures would have to be taken to remove the infection prior to surgery. He immnformed me that I would have a drain inserted through my side and into my gallbladder the next morning. He wasn’t sure how long I had to have the drain in at that moment, could be days or could be weeks. During that conversation, he let me know that I would be on a very strong antibiotic via IV along with morphine for pain for the next 3 days and wouldn’t be able to feed my son. I was devastated at this news but expected it. I was in so much pain I didn’t have much time to feel sorry for myself. 

    Although I was sick and in pain and emotionally drained, there was a silver lining. When I had my son and immediate days and the 3 weeks following birth, I was blessed  (or cursed!) With an oversupply. I pumped the excess milk and was able to store around 160 ounces the first month. Although it was a pain, a hassle and alot of work, I am so thankful for my oversupply of milk looking back.

    My husband was still with me at this point, I had him take the baby to meet my mom and head home to get frozen breastmilk and to Walmart to buy bottles. I couldn’t be alone with the baby as I could hardly move even to go to the bathroom. We hadn’t planned on giving a bottle until atleast 4 months but fate had intervened. When they returned, they brought my pump along and I was able to pump some freshly expressed milk before I started the medicine. Aj took right to the bottle, so we’ll in fact, I worried he wouldnt latch again once I was better. During this time, to avoid any type of confusion, I never once fed him a bottle. I had a family member feed him every time and we never had an issue.

    The first dose of medicine made me sick to my stomach and I thought this had to be the worst to come of the whole ordeal, I was so wrong. That night, I had a terrible gallbladder attack leaving me on the bathroom floor screaming and crying. The pain I was in was nothing I had ever dealt with. That night I pumped and dumped (per recommendation of two lactation consultants due to the medication) and it was hard to pour all that liquid gold away. I was lucky though that he had plenty of what he needed without ever having to have formula.

    The next morning, I wanted to do skin to skin with my baby before I had my procedure to have the drain inserted. Since I wasn’t allowed to hold him on my own, my husband helped me and we both got what we needed, a healthy dose of oxytocin. I needed those snuggles and sweet little kisses, my nerves were through the roof and somehow despite that, I felt calm with my baby in my arms.

    During the procedure, I had never felt pain like this before, it was worse than giving birth 100 times naturally in a row. I was in so much pain, i physically could not even speak for hours after. I could walk without screaming and a could even breath without feeling as a knives were stabbing my ribs and stomach. As the next few days passed, I could barely even hold my son for more than 30 seconds at a time. I know he missed me as much a I missed him. I was sick over the thought of him not latching when he got home but my lactation consultant ensured me that he would. Her comforting words made me feel better in a time that I really needed it. I continued to pump and dump and after 4 days in the hospital I was able to come home. 

    24 hours after my last dose of medicine (4 hours after I go home) I was able to breastfeed. I had trouble holding him and had even more trouble getting him into position but after a few minutes we were able to get adjusted and I offered the breast. To my dismay, he latched right away like we had never missed a beat. A weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was felt so many emotions in this moment, i smiled for the first time in days and felt so proud of this milestone.

    Although I wasn’t out of the woods with my health issues, it felt so good just to be home. My family was an amazing support system during this time, not only by helping with my daughter but helping me feeding the baby, since I could lift him on my own. I am so thankful to have had people that. A red so much during this time of need.

    In order to keep this post from becoming too long to read, I am going to separate into two parts. Stay tuned for part 2!

     I am including a picture taken after the drain was inserted. The black in the tube is bile and infection.

    The Teething Egg Product Review

    A few months ago the creative minds behind a product called The Teething Egg sent me thie product so I could give my honest review. Prior to speaking with them after running across thier instagram account, I had never heard of this product. Immediately I was intrigued and wondered how it would work for my little teething sweetheart. As I anticipated the arrival (which was a quick one, shipping was speedy) I had concerns if my little one would enjoy it, he is a binky boy and loves his wubbanubs. However, I am happy to report it was a hit!

    When it arrived in the mail I opened it, read over the sheet and back of the box and hooked it on his shirt. At first glance, I thought it may be heavy on his shirt but I found that if you clip higher on the shirt that isn’t an issue. He immediately grabbed it and put it in his mouth. There is no exaggeration when I say that he would not put it down. He chewed on it for hours before looking for his binky. The shape of the egg is perfect for tiny hands and it fit in his perfectly. When he received it, my son was around 11 months ago and had 6 teeth at the time (and still does!). He hasn’t gotten any teeth since his sixth one came in months ago, so as you can imagine teething has been a nightmare. Over the last week few weeks, i have been suspecting a tooth is near as he has used his egg for than ever. Although no more have popped through yet, I can confidently say that the teething egg has helped tremendously.

    So what’s so special about this egg? Here are some fun facts about it. 

    -It’s small enough for your baby to hold with one hand and encourages fine motor development and sensory play.

    – Has a smooth surface which allows it to glide over the baby’s gums with ease.

    – Mom invented and made in the USA

    – Curved shape aids in soothing sore gums

    – Great replacement for a pacifier

    – can be placed in the fridge for cooling (essentially replacing teething rings as well!)

    – Can be used as a modulated soother for special needs children

    -awesome plastic latch that is easy for an adult to open to close

    – Non toxic, BRA Free, Phthalate Free, Latex Free, PVC Free and made with FDA approved materials

    My son has used this product nearly every day since we have received it in some way. Not only is it great for all the ways previously list it’s almost great for me to clip onto my shirt while he is nursing and beleive me when I say, my breasts definitely appreciate it as he’s a pincher! Another great use is in my tula. I like to clip it on to the slack of the PFA and it serves as a great toy. 

    I am super impressed with this product. I can only hope that this amazing product will be in the homes of every family with little ones of teething age as it’s amazing. Whether it’s used for teething, in place of pacifier or a toy this product is truely a hit. Check out the teething egg on Facebook and instagram as well as website!

    @theteethingegg on instagram

    The Teething Egg on Facebook

    I will be giving away a teething egg to one lucky reader! I will link the raffle copter so you can enter to win!

    “>a Rafflecopter giveaway 

    Leather braided pacifier clip product review

    I recently have had the pleasure of trying out a great product, a pacifier clip, from a company called, The Delightful Company. In case you aren’t familiar with this product, ill tell you, its a lifesaver; not only to keep your sanity as well as your time from having to look for the dozens of lost pacifiers in your home as well as the unspoken frustration the looms upon your during the search. I have used several store bought brands in the past that you can buy at Walmart or Target but none of which had the same quality of which i found in the leather pacifier clip from The Delightful Company.
    The pacifier clip, is beautifully braided and looks so nice whether its hanging from your baby’s shirt free as a bird or the attached binky is in the child’s mouth. My child, personally loved it. Not only did he always now know where his “boo boo” was but also during the tough teething stages, he chewed on it and it was a lifesaver! The actual clip is metal and has a polished appearance and the leather braid itself, is about 5 inches long. When i first got the clip in mail, I instantly thought it would be too short in comparison to the others that I have tried in the past, however it was perfect in length. The clips also come is a variety of colors so there is something for everyone! With beautiful handmade quality along with fast shipping this small business is one that is will surely not go unnoticed!

    I urge you to go to their instagram and website and check them out, you will not be disappointed.

    @thedelightfulcompany -instagram


    Removing The “But”

    I “like” several different breastfeeding support groups on facebook and recently have noticed a common trend among the comments regarding the post, using the word but. I read things such as “i support breastfeeding but not in public” or “I’m all for breastfeeding in public but with a cover” and my favorite “i am okay with breastfeeding but not when you photograph it”. These type of half handed comments are not supportive and in my opinion are just as insulting as the negative ones. You can’t fully support something with using the word but, if you do it negates the support.

    If we as a society can take the word but out of supportive words we would all be living in a better place full of happier people BUT, let’s be honest, its probably not going to happen overnight. Whether its about breastfeeding, home birth, anything parenting in general or anything else, your always going to come across people that see the glass as half empty. I always try to have positive thoughts but ill admit that i have my own fears and doubts and hesitations like any other human being. However, its all about how you perceive things and how you choose to get your point across. So think about this, the next time you are telling someone your opinion think before you speak and try to put a little positivity in it and not the kind with a but. If your going to give someone a compliment don’t take it right away using the word but.

    This article is particularly is in regards to breastfeeding but something can be taken from it in all aspects of life. Go out and see your glass (world and words) as half full, better yet, be the oppertunist and drink the glass while the others are deciding whether to be postive or negative.


    NursElet Hands Free Nursing Solution Product Reveiw


    Over the last month, I have been using an amazing product called a nursElet! It’s a patent pending velcro band that you can use you hold your shirt up and out of your (and baby’s) way when nursing or pumping.


    Before I discovered the nurselet I was constantly trying to tuck my shirt in my bra strap or would keep pushing it off of my baby’s face. It was a never ending battle. There were times I contemplated taking off my shirt all together because it often became aggravating to keep my shirt out of the way.


    When I found the nurselet, it was something I didn’t even know I needed. I thought that everyone had this shirt struggle and it was one of those “it is what it is” things.

    When I recieved the NursElet bracelet, I never would have dreamed I would love it and utilize it as much as I do. Not only does it hold my shirt but it also acts as a marker to keep track of which side you last nursed or pumped. Since you wear the product on your wrist when it’s not in use, it also makes a fashionable accessory.


    Overall I am very impressed with this product. I would definately buy it for myself as well as another expecting mother. I would recommend this product to a friend. In fact,  the owner of the company was gracious enough to share a discount code with me so that I could share it with you, and so all of you could enjoy this product as much as I do. Go check out their website: and when ordering use code: NursEletMama for 15% off. You can also find them on instagram, facebook, pintrest and twitter under GetNursElet.


    My essential oil pregnancy and birth

    Since i had such an amazing natural birth using essential oils instead of a epidural 11 days ago when i delivered my son i wanted to share my experience for my pregnancy and for my labor, delivery and post partum

    I avoided most oils during first trimester until about week 10-11 until i started feeling bad which is when i started using digestzen, the digestive blend. I used in topically on my stomach for morning sickness and when it was severe (which is was most of the second trimester, i would put a drop of my tongue that would stop it immediately) i also used lavender, a drop on my pillow at night to sleep me sleep.

    In the second trimester i used digestzen for heavy pregnancy sickness that occurred around the clock otherwise. Diluted white fir on the stomach for round ligament pain, diluted deep blue for leg and arm cramps as well as for round ligament pain that white fir didn’t knock out on its own. Deep blue and migraines and peppermint and lavender diluted on my cheeks for wisdom tooth pain, i also occasionally added a drop of peppermint to an oz of water and drank for extreme heartburn, other wise i used digestzen for heartburn.

    Third trimester i used all i used in the second trimester with the addition of lemon for a sore throat and mucus congestion when i had a cold, Roman chamomile for sleep, lime for energy when i needed a boost, on guard (i used it daily throughout my pregnancy i forgot to add!) for germ protection and immunity strength, deep blue for rib pain, lavender for everything! Serenity and balance in the bath for relaxation, deep blue for pelvic pain and immortelle for stretch marks

    36 weeks on- i used germanium 3 drops in the bath daily for perineum support and helichryum and frankincense in coconut oil in a spray bottle for perineum massage daily 3x at 37 weeks, i used a pain spray for rib and back pain that consisted of balance deep blue frankincense and lavender with coconut oil, i used diluted black pepper for back labor, clary sage at 38 weeks on the inside point of my ankle 2x daily, lavender in bath for relaxation

    Labor- when i got to the hospital around 630 pm i was dilated to a 6 and 100% effaced i worked on a birthing ball and diffused balance, i was only having mild contractions at this point. I applied some balance and lavender to my wrist temples and neck in efforts to continue to remain calm as labor progressed. Once i got to about an 8 and started to have stronger contractions my midwife applied clary sage to my ankle pressure points and stomach to progress. I got in the tub at this point and added citrus bliss and balance, 20 mins later or so i added lavender. At midnight my midwife broke my water at a 9, and i went back to the tub. More balance was added and the contractions got stronger and closer. I got out and applied the labor blend that consisted of clary sage, peppermint, cypress, black pepper, ylang ylang, and helichrusyum to my stomach and ankles. My midwife massged my back with pain spray( lav, deep blue, balance and frank) during my hard contractions once i got out of the tub, at this point im about an hour and 20 mins in of hard contractions and they are very close, im at a 10 and ready to push. I apply the relaxation blend( bergmot, roman chamomile and frankincense) to my temples stomach feet and wrist as well as the back of my neck as i started to get a little nutty at this point. I started pushing and my midwife applied helichsryum and frank with coconut oil during crowning and pushing to prevent tearing to the area and bruising to the head, with 4 pushing sessions about 40 or less mins my little boy ( not that little!) came into the world at 8 lb 12 oz 21 in long naturally and without a tear!

    Post partum- i used a few drops of peppermint in the toilet immediately following delivery of the placenta for trouble urinating. Lavender and frankincense in a spray bottle mixed with water for healing.  Helichsryum for bleeding, i applied about every hour to my stomach for 6 hours or so, lavender in the diffuser, lavender on my stomach for pain, clary sage to help uterus pain and balance for hormone control.  Since coming home i have used elevation in the bath as well as deep blue, frank and lavender, i used on guard and frank for mastitis and Clary sage to boost milk supply when I needed to produce a little more to build up my freezer stash.

    I have continued to use essential oils for just about any other issue that has risen in the meantime.
    If you would like more information, please visit



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