If you know me and know my love for all things breastfeeding, you know that I love showing my pride, hard work and dedication. Even though I am prideful, my cool collection of breastfeeding related support products was lacking some items, thankfully boobandbaby had my back and had some awesome products in their store. 

When I got my package in the mail I riped it open to a comfy looking grey shirt that said “milk mama” with a matching tote bag. I threw the shirt in the wash (I always wash knew clothes) hung to dry (definitely not needed but I like to do this to keep my clothes lasting longer) and threw it on. I got a ton of compliments on it because of the words on the shirt but seriously, the comfort of the shirt was out of this world. I have this weird obsession that i cant have a shirt collar touch my neck, i cut the necks out of nearly ALL my shirts, so the fact that it was a V neck made it 100x times mord comfortable. The material was soft and it had the broken feel that you wash and wear for months to get that sometimes felt impossible to achieve. 

The tote bag, is a bag that wears many hats. This bag can be used it so many different ways. For example, a bag to hold your pumping parts and supplies. Another example, a beach bag, perfect to toss your sunscreen and towel in. Another use, a diaper bag, its a perfect size to hold all the essentials. The bag has perfect length straps so its a great shoulder bag but can also be held like a purse. I also liked the material, it washed easy and since its white and I have messy kids (okay me, I am messy too) thats a great bonus. The store also have alot of other great things to offer like natural nipple butter.

This shop is definitely a favorite in my books, you will not want to miss checking them out.They have a vareity of great breastfeeding related items, prices are affordable and shipping is speedy, what more could you ask for?

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