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August 2016

Product Review: Burp Nesessity

Recently I had the extreme pleasure of trying out a genius product, a nursing shawl, from burp necessity, that I literally cant stop raving about. I am a sucker for new baby products, it’s true, I love a unique idea made into something brilliant. Naturally, when I heard about this product, I was eager to try it. So now that I know you are curious about it too, let me tell you a little about it.

The burp necessity , burp/nursing shawl is a mom made product that serves many purposes. Below is a list of them:

  1. A nursing cover for your privacy if you choose, great for out and about as is is lightweight and can be folded up to fit into your diaper bag or purse
  2. A burp cloth that not only can be used on the front of you but more importantly on the back so you can avoid those classic baby spit up down the back moments
  3. A blanket, this was one of our favorite ways to use it as after he finishes nursing I wrap it around him and bam! A perfect blanky.
  4. A lovey, another use of choice for us. I had searched high and low for something he really loved but when we got this  (to use for nursing) it was a match.

My son, really has enjoyed it from the moment we received it in the mail. He has it with him often. The material is super soft so it’s perfect for delicate, sensitive baby skin. The shape is what makes it so unique and different from the otother products like it out there, it’s shaped to go around your shoulders so that it can be worn back or front. It’s lightweight and versatile and can be easily stored for travel whether it’s to the beach or to the grocery store.
Reasons why you NEED this

  1. It comes in every pattern and color imaginable so there is something for everyone, you like floral: got it, you like solids: got it, you like lace: got. There is literally something to fit everyone’s taste.
  2. It’s great for every mom with a baby whether you are nursing, bottle feeding or if your baby is on solids already and no longer does either. Since it can be used in so many different ways, it’s a fit for every momma and little one.
  3. You can take it anywhere, it will fit an average size purse, any diaper bag and even diaper clutches, this is truly a diaper bag must have!
  4. It’s lightweight when needed with a  cotton side but also has a milky like material side so it’s  so it’s great hotter days when you need something light weight and can be warmer for when it’s cold out.
  5. It’s affordable, compared to some blankets on the market and since it’s really an all in one product (burp cloth, nursing shawl and blanket) it eliminates the need for multiple products.

Head on over to the shipping is super fast, as it’s made in the USA (Seattle to be exact!) so go place your order and try it out for yourself.

You can also check them out on instagram and Facebook @burpnecessity

This is one product you Will NOT regret owning!



Why I am celebrating World Breastfeeding Week

Everytime i post a picture, share a link or make a comment or status about world breastfeeding week, I am postive that somewhere, someone reading what I have posted is giving me some type of shade from the other side of the screen. You know what? That’s fine. I’m fine with your difference of opinion or your lack of interest as a respectful human being. I understand that you don’t get why this is important but let me lay it out for you so that maybe you can atleast try. 

3 reasons why WBW is important

1. One day this may be your loved one. This could be your daughter, daughter in law, neice, cousin, sister or friend that is passionate about something, something that matters like feeding her baby. Support her! You don’t have to care but be respectful of her choice to care.

2. It matters for future generations. Why you ask? When you breastfeed in front of children, it shouldn’t be sexual or gross, it’s about feeding the baby, that and that alone. Don’t make it into something more than it has to be, it’s normal and if children see that than we can get the foundation to keep it that way for our children and our children’s children and so on.

3. With all of the filthy political drama, the constant terrorist acts happening and the daily reports of criminal activity isn’t it nice to see something beautiful celebrated and fill your Facebook timeline versus the bad happening in the world? All of those things make my stomach sick to read, but the moment I see a sweet baby’s smile or a newly engaged couple posting thier announcement, my heart feels a little better and for one moment I can forget the negative. So if the postive is woman embracing something that means something to them and thier families, by all means just embrace it, embrace the good and the smile worthy.

So no, unlike your passion aggressive status about how you don’t like my posts or pictures, it’s not for attention for anything other than an important cause. It’s not about exposing my breasts because let’s be honest, I don’t want or care if you see them. It’s about my baby, simply feeding my baby. It’s about standing up for my right to feed my baby, anytime and anywhere as the law protects me to do without being harrassed. In case you weren’t aware, women are getting harassed all over this country because small minded people can’t just let people be and mind thier own business.

So when you see a post about world breastfeeding week, if you don’t like it, scroll on, I am not offended by this. If you want to support the cause, simply like my post or picture because it does matter; it matters to me and it matters to every breastfeeding mother when you realize or not.

For those that do support and understand my love and dedication, thank you. I appreciate your kindness and respect, I appreciate not being judged for doing something natural and our importance to my family and most importantly for my child.

Happy breastfeeding week ♡


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