I recently have had the pleasure of trying out a great product, a pacifier clip, from a company called, The Delightful Company. In case you aren’t familiar with this product, ill tell you, its a lifesaver; not only to keep your sanity as well as your time from having to look for the dozens of lost pacifiers in your home as well as the unspoken frustration the looms upon your during the search. I have used several store bought brands in the past that you can buy at Walmart or Target but none of which had the same quality of which i found in the leather pacifier clip from The Delightful Company.
The pacifier clip, is beautifully braided and looks so nice whether its hanging from your baby’s shirt free as a bird or the attached binky is in the child’s mouth. My child, personally loved it. Not only did he always now know where his “boo boo” was but also during the tough teething stages, he chewed on it and it was a lifesaver! The actual clip is metal and has a polished appearance and the leather braid itself, is about 5 inches long. When i first got the clip in mail, I instantly thought it would be too short in comparison to the others that I have tried in the past, however it was perfect in length. The clips also come is a variety of colors so there is something for everyone! With beautiful handmade quality along with fast shipping this small business is one that is will surely not go unnoticed!

I urge you to go to their instagram and website and check them out, you will not be disappointed.

@thedelightfulcompany -instagram