I “like” several different breastfeeding support groups on facebook and recently have noticed a common trend among the comments regarding the post, using the word but. I read things such as “i support breastfeeding but not in public” or “I’m all for breastfeeding in public but with a cover” and my favorite “i am okay with breastfeeding but not when you photograph it”. These type of half handed comments are not supportive and in my opinion are just as insulting as the negative ones. You can’t fully support something with using the word but, if you do it negates the support.

If we as a society can take the word but out of supportive words we would all be living in a better place full of happier people BUT, let’s be honest, its probably not going to happen overnight. Whether its about breastfeeding, home birth, anything parenting in general or anything else, your always going to come across people that see the glass as half empty. I always try to have positive thoughts but ill admit that i have my own fears and doubts and hesitations like any other human being. However, its all about how you perceive things and how you choose to get your point across. So think about this, the next time you are telling someone your opinion think before you speak and try to put a little positivity in it and not the kind with a but. If your going to give someone a compliment don’t take it right away using the word but.

This article is particularly is in regards to breastfeeding but something can be taken from it in all aspects of life. Go out and see your glass (world and words) as half full, better yet, be the oppertunist and drink the glass while the others are deciding whether to be postive or negative.