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June 2016

The Teething Egg Product Review

A few months ago the creative minds behind a product called The Teething Egg sent me thie product so I could give my honest review. Prior to speaking with them after running across thier instagram account, I had never heard of this product. Immediately I was intrigued and wondered how it would work for my little teething sweetheart. As I anticipated the arrival (which was a quick one, shipping was speedy) I had concerns if my little one would enjoy it, he is a binky boy and loves his wubbanubs. However, I am happy to report it was a hit!

When it arrived in the mail I opened it, read over the sheet and back of the box and hooked it on his shirt. At first glance, I thought it may be heavy on his shirt but I found that if you clip higher on the shirt that isn’t an issue. He immediately grabbed it and put it in his mouth. There is no exaggeration when I say that he would not put it down. He chewed on it for hours before looking for his binky. The shape of the egg is perfect for tiny hands and it fit in his perfectly. When he received it, my son was around 11 months ago and had 6 teeth at the time (and still does!). He hasn’t gotten any teeth since his sixth one came in months ago, so as you can imagine teething has been a nightmare. Over the last week few weeks, i have been suspecting a tooth is near as he has used his egg for than ever. Although no more have popped through yet, I can confidently say that the teething egg has helped tremendously.

So what’s so special about this egg? Here are some fun facts about it. 

-It’s small enough for your baby to hold with one hand and encourages fine motor development and sensory play.

– Has a smooth surface which allows it to glide over the baby’s gums with ease.

– Mom invented and made in the USA

– Curved shape aids in soothing sore gums

– Great replacement for a pacifier

– can be placed in the fridge for cooling (essentially replacing teething rings as well!)

– Can be used as a modulated soother for special needs children

-awesome plastic latch that is easy for an adult to open to close

– Non toxic, BRA Free, Phthalate Free, Latex Free, PVC Free and made with FDA approved materials

My son has used this product nearly every day since we have received it in some way. Not only is it great for all the ways previously list it’s almost great for me to clip onto my shirt while he is nursing and beleive me when I say, my breasts definitely appreciate it as he’s a pincher! Another great use is in my tula. I like to clip it on to the slack of the PFA and it serves as a great toy. 

I am super impressed with this product. I can only hope that this amazing product will be in the homes of every family with little ones of teething age as it’s amazing. Whether it’s used for teething, in place of pacifier or a toy this product is truely a hit. Check out the teething egg on Facebook and instagram as well as website!

@theteethingegg on instagram

The Teething Egg on Facebook

I will be giving away a teething egg to one lucky reader! I will link the raffle copter so you can enter to win!

“>a Rafflecopter giveaway 


Leather braided pacifier clip product review

I recently have had the pleasure of trying out a great product, a pacifier clip, from a company called, The Delightful Company. In case you aren’t familiar with this product, ill tell you, its a lifesaver; not only to keep your sanity as well as your time from having to look for the dozens of lost pacifiers in your home as well as the unspoken frustration the looms upon your during the search. I have used several store bought brands in the past that you can buy at Walmart or Target but none of which had the same quality of which i found in the leather pacifier clip from The Delightful Company.
The pacifier clip, is beautifully braided and looks so nice whether its hanging from your baby’s shirt free as a bird or the attached binky is in the child’s mouth. My child, personally loved it. Not only did he always now know where his “boo boo” was but also during the tough teething stages, he chewed on it and it was a lifesaver! The actual clip is metal and has a polished appearance and the leather braid itself, is about 5 inches long. When i first got the clip in mail, I instantly thought it would be too short in comparison to the others that I have tried in the past, however it was perfect in length. The clips also come is a variety of colors so there is something for everyone! With beautiful handmade quality along with fast shipping this small business is one that is will surely not go unnoticed!

I urge you to go to their instagram and website and check them out, you will not be disappointed.

@thedelightfulcompany -instagram


Removing The “But”

I “like” several different breastfeeding support groups on facebook and recently have noticed a common trend among the comments regarding the post, using the word but. I read things such as “i support breastfeeding but not in public” or “I’m all for breastfeeding in public but with a cover” and my favorite “i am okay with breastfeeding but not when you photograph it”. These type of half handed comments are not supportive and in my opinion are just as insulting as the negative ones. You can’t fully support something with using the word but, if you do it negates the support.

If we as a society can take the word but out of supportive words we would all be living in a better place full of happier people BUT, let’s be honest, its probably not going to happen overnight. Whether its about breastfeeding, home birth, anything parenting in general or anything else, your always going to come across people that see the glass as half empty. I always try to have positive thoughts but ill admit that i have my own fears and doubts and hesitations like any other human being. However, its all about how you perceive things and how you choose to get your point across. So think about this, the next time you are telling someone your opinion think before you speak and try to put a little positivity in it and not the kind with a but. If your going to give someone a compliment don’t take it right away using the word but.

This article is particularly is in regards to breastfeeding but something can be taken from it in all aspects of life. Go out and see your glass (world and words) as half full, better yet, be the oppertunist and drink the glass while the others are deciding whether to be postive or negative.


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