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April 2016

My essential oil pregnancy and birth

Since i had such an amazing natural birth using essential oils instead of a epidural 11 days ago when i delivered my son i wanted to share my experience for my pregnancy and for my labor, delivery and post partum

I avoided most oils during first trimester until about week 10-11 until i started feeling bad which is when i started using digestzen, the digestive blend. I used in topically on my stomach for morning sickness and when it was severe (which is was most of the second trimester, i would put a drop of my tongue that would stop it immediately) i also used lavender, a drop on my pillow at night to sleep me sleep.

In the second trimester i used digestzen for heavy pregnancy sickness that occurred around the clock otherwise. Diluted white fir on the stomach for round ligament pain, diluted deep blue for leg and arm cramps as well as for round ligament pain that white fir didn’t knock out on its own. Deep blue and migraines and peppermint and lavender diluted on my cheeks for wisdom tooth pain, i also occasionally added a drop of peppermint to an oz of water and drank for extreme heartburn, other wise i used digestzen for heartburn.

Third trimester i used all i used in the second trimester with the addition of lemon for a sore throat and mucus congestion when i had a cold, Roman chamomile for sleep, lime for energy when i needed a boost, on guard (i used it daily throughout my pregnancy i forgot to add!) for germ protection and immunity strength, deep blue for rib pain, lavender for everything! Serenity and balance in the bath for relaxation, deep blue for pelvic pain and immortelle for stretch marks

36 weeks on- i used germanium 3 drops in the bath daily for perineum support and helichryum and frankincense in coconut oil in a spray bottle for perineum massage daily 3x at 37 weeks, i used a pain spray for rib and back pain that consisted of balance deep blue frankincense and lavender with coconut oil, i used diluted black pepper for back labor, clary sage at 38 weeks on the inside point of my ankle 2x daily, lavender in bath for relaxation

Labor- when i got to the hospital around 630 pm i was dilated to a 6 and 100% effaced i worked on a birthing ball and diffused balance, i was only having mild contractions at this point. I applied some balance and lavender to my wrist temples and neck in efforts to continue to remain calm as labor progressed. Once i got to about an 8 and started to have stronger contractions my midwife applied clary sage to my ankle pressure points and stomach to progress. I got in the tub at this point and added citrus bliss and balance, 20 mins later or so i added lavender. At midnight my midwife broke my water at a 9, and i went back to the tub. More balance was added and the contractions got stronger and closer. I got out and applied the labor blend that consisted of clary sage, peppermint, cypress, black pepper, ylang ylang, and helichrusyum to my stomach and ankles. My midwife massged my back with pain spray( lav, deep blue, balance and frank) during my hard contractions once i got out of the tub, at this point im about an hour and 20 mins in of hard contractions and they are very close, im at a 10 and ready to push. I apply the relaxation blend( bergmot, roman chamomile and frankincense) to my temples stomach feet and wrist as well as the back of my neck as i started to get a little nutty at this point. I started pushing and my midwife applied helichsryum and frank with coconut oil during crowning and pushing to prevent tearing to the area and bruising to the head, with 4 pushing sessions about 40 or less mins my little boy ( not that little!) came into the world at 8 lb 12 oz 21 in long naturally and without a tear!

Post partum- i used a few drops of peppermint in the toilet immediately following delivery of the placenta for trouble urinating. Lavender and frankincense in a spray bottle mixed with water for healing.  Helichsryum for bleeding, i applied about every hour to my stomach for 6 hours or so, lavender in the diffuser, lavender on my stomach for pain, clary sage to help uterus pain and balance for hormone control.  Since coming home i have used elevation in the bath as well as deep blue, frank and lavender, i used on guard and frank for mastitis and Clary sage to boost milk supply when I needed to produce a little more to build up my freezer stash.

I have continued to use essential oils for just about any other issue that has risen in the meantime.
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Trust your body

As a new mom, first time in general or first time breastfeeding, it’s pretty normal to question the process and to question your body. I think just about every mother does it at some point or another. I still find my self wondering from time to time if this or that is normal. If you do this,  I promise you, you aren’t alone!

When my son was born I got in touch with my lactation consultant atleast 7 or 8 times the first week. She always reassured me until the next “problem” in which i would reach out again and she would tell me everything was fine. Why as a new mother do we do this to ourselves? Why question something your body knows how to do naturally?

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I went the whole pregnancy with no doubt in my mind that I would do it naturally without the aid of an epidural but low and behold I was convinced that I would not be able to “handle the pain” and was told I would need an epidural. I let someone take control of my body and my fate. When she was born I was told she needed supplemented formula for no good reason and therefore ultimately led to my breastfeeding journey demise. Had I just let my body do what it knows how to do, and not allow others to dictate my success perhaps things would have been different.

So this post serves as a friendly reminder to not stress over the little things and to let your body do its job, to enjoy this precious and short time with your baby. It’s easy to get caught up in thinking you need to boost your supply, make more milk, you cabt handle the pain, you need to feed more often or the baby needs to gain more weight. I promise you, your doing the best you can do and the best for your baby, let that be enough.


OAT MAMA Lactation Granola Bars Review

This past week I had the opportunity to try out some lactation goodies from the sweet ladies at Oat Mama and I thought it required an honest review from a nursing momma, so here it is, I hope you enjoy!

Kristy and Eliza, the faces behind Oat Mama, sent a variety pack which included: Apple Cinnamon Raisin with Fenugreek,  Chocolate Almond Coconut, Nut and Berry, and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. After tasting each one, I would have to say that the chocolate almond coconut was my favorite. When I received my order in the mail I was certain that the peanut butter chocolate chip would be my favorite and as delicious as it was, the chocolate almond coconut still took the number 1 spot. All of the flavors were good, however, and this is certainly a product I would not only recommend to others but would purchase myself again.

After a thorough taste test I thought I should see how they worked in terms of increasing supply. I am happy to report that I,indeed, saw an increase after consuming. I personally have a decent yet regular supply but would like to increase my freezer stash so I have been adding random pumping sessions into my routine on a bi-weekly basis. I typically only get an ounce or two total for both breast.

I consumed a bar, nuts and berry, around 7 pm a few evenings ago. I waited around an hour (i had to nurse my son in this hour time frame) after before pumping and here were my results:


This isn’t the best picture but there was a total of 2 1/2 ounces approximately.

The next morning I thought I’d try again, I fed my son around 7 am ate the bar then pumped around 8:15 a.m. and here were my results:


My results were just a little of 3 oz total for both breast. In addition to the increase I can visibly see from pumping I notice that after I eat this snack, I feel a slight bit fuller which I find impressive for being 11 months postpartum.

As for the nutritional value of the products, overall they are pretty healthy.  While a little high in calorie, they are filled with several nurtients so your getting a good quality and most importantly healthy snack or breakfast item. While reading the list of ingredients I notice that several organic items were used which I also enjoyed.

For mommas with food sensitivities or little ones with them, these snacks are dairy free, wheat free, soy free, and egg free and although made in a facility that processes peanuts, the ingredients itself are gluten free.

So please, head on over to and order some for yourself! You won’t be disappointed!



Sometimes during birth, things don’t always go as planned. I think that it goes without saying that you need to be prepared for anything. Just because of the unknown, don’t let it keep you from having your birth, your way (as long as you and baby are okay, of course!)

I delivered my daughter in 2011, when I made my ob/gyn appointment to confirm the pregnancy i basically just picked a number at random. I didn’t form any type of relationship with my doctor and in fact, didn’t even meet her until several months into my pregnancy.  I was told I would need a c section for the classic reason “the baby is too big for your body” although when she arrived was only 7 pounds 11 ounces. Until the week before she was born i had planned to give birth naturally but my doctor managed to use scare tactics to talk me out of it. At 40 weeks on the dot I was forced into an unnecessary induction, laid on my back for almost 24 straight hours and pushed for 3 1/2 of them. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t drink, needless to say, I had no energy whatsoever. After the longest 3 1/2 hours of my life my daughter happy and healthy finally arrived into the world and all was right.

So naturally, because this doctor brought my baby into the world I should feel happy, thankful and appreciative and to a degree i do, however a healthy baby doesn’t mean that I don’t have birth regret. Had I not let someone take advantage of the fact I was a first time mom and had no clue what to expect or what I was doing perhaps alot would have been different. So it brings me to wonder, just because I have a healthy baby does that mean I don’t have the right to have these feelings? Well of course I can have these feelings, I am human being and it’s only natural. This exprience only led me to strive for a better one my next go around and now that it’s said and done, it was a success!

Honestly, until I became pregnant with my son less than 3 years later I hadn’t thought much about my first exprience and how wrong it really felt. I switched to the amazing midwife who delivered my son, at 24 weeks and I often wonder could I have experienced the same fate had I not have switched? One reason in particular that I loved her so much, right off the bat she told me she wouldn’t induce until after 41 weeks (if all was good) which let me know that we were on the same page. He was born naturally at 38 1/2 weeks and it was truely a rewarding exprience. I am so thankful my midwife worked with me to exprience an amazing birth, one that was done the way I had intended.



Don’t be afraid to be you!


A few weeks ago I was at a function among 60 people give or take for my child’s school, I was chatting with my mother when a friend came up to me and said “you’ll be happy to know that there is a mother breastfeeding upfront! I couldn’t wait to tell you!” These are words that I could never forget. If someone, and not someone I even see often at that, sees the goodness that I choose to represent and associate it with me, I must be doing something right.

It makes me so incredibly happy that because I talk about the things I love and matter to me, people associate me with them. If you don’t like something don’t worry about it, focus on the thigs that matter.

You see, it’s a common misconception, just because I am a “lactivist” doesn’t mean I’m anti formula. I am proud breastfeeding but more importantly, I am pro fed. Just because I am an advocate for breastfeeding doesn’t mean I spend my time bashing the other options, it means I choose to talk about something I love,  something that is important to me.

If you feel strongly about something, don’t be afraid to express yourself. There isn’t anything wrong with letting your opinion be heard! Don’t be afraid to have the unpopular opinion and don’t give in to your beliefs just because others don’t approve.


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